Heartburn (Acid Reflux) | What It Is, Causes, Symptoms, Complications & Treatment Options

What will you feel like?

Heartburn feels like its name; you feel a burning sensation in the middle of your chest behind the sternum (or breastbone). It usually happens after meals or at night and worsens with bending over or lying down. Heartburn may also awaken you from sleep.

This burning sensation usually lasts from a few minutes to two hours or longer. How long it lasts depends on the underlying cause and your action towards this sensation, such as standing up after eating instead of lying down.

Also, you may feel this burning sensation in your throat. Also, in your throat, you may feel an unpleasant, hot, acidic, sour, bitter, or salty taste. You may also feel difficulty swallowing.

The acid reflux may also reach the larynx (voicebox) and irritate it, causing episodes of cough and hoarseness of voice.

As we said, heartburn is a symptom of various diseases; thus, it usually occurs with the symptoms of the causative condition, such as GERD. Also, it may be a sign of a heart attack. So, it requires attention to people who are at risk.